Terminal Post Location on Vertical Bugs

We have been sending out the vertical bugs with the terminal posts mounted on the front of the key–this is similar to the position on the 90 degree bug. If you prefer to have the connection wires exit from the rear of the key, it is a simple matter to move the terminal posts to the back side. Be certain to retain the front and rear insulating shoulder washers for the “hot” terminal, and leave the connection solder terminal under the re-positioned post.

Note that the two posts are different lengths–the short post goes on the insulated nylon washer location. The long post goes directly onto the main base plate.

Camelbacks being delivered–update.

Upon turning the order capability on for the Camelbacks, we were immediately backlogged with orders. They are going out and we expect to be caught up with all of the orders to date by Sept 12th at the latest.