Long Overdue Update

I have been given a couple of friendly reminders recently that my blogging has not been updated in a long time. So, here goes: We have pretty much eliminated the very long waits for some of our orders that took place a year ago. For the last 6-9 months, our deliveries have ben in the 2-4 week range with an average of 3.4. This depends upon the timing of the order relative to the status of the current batch of keys in the works. THe summer was good here and we got caught up nearly 100%–and then after Labor Day, the Fall rush hit again! So, we are back to 3-4 and will work very hard to get all orders placed by December 1st delivered by year end. As always, if you need something special or want to ask a question, just drop us an email or give a call. 73 for now, CURT