After a lot of deliberation I have found someone who I know will uphold the high product quality and customer service I tried to maintain during the 9 years I made VIZKEYS. I have found this quality in Curtis Nixon / KU8L. I know you will give him your support and business in the coming years. Thank you for all the nice reviews and word-of-mouth advertising you gave to me over the years.

Tom / K4VIZ

I am extremely pleased to be able to carry on the manufacture and sales of the VIZKEY line of handcrafted telegraph keys previously offered by Tom, K4VIZ. As it turns out, Tom and I share many similar experiences over our careers—specifically, a passion for machines and building things by hand, and a long-time engagement with Amateur Radio. I am especially proud of the trust that Tom has placed in my abilities to re-offer his designs with the workmanship, quality, and pride that he built into the product for many years. Thanks for your interest in VIZKEY--I am confident you will be pleased with any of the products you may choose. As they always have been, each key is built from scratch, from the finest materials available, with handcrafted care. They are intended to give each owner a lifetime of operating enjoyment and pride of ownership.

For our re-introduction we are holding the price on all of our keys to 2013 prices. Going forward, we will continue to keep affordability among our prime objectives.

Thanks, and I look forward to building you a key. 73,